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Protect Your Labor Day Car Purchase with an Auto Service Contract

Every year, Labor Day marks the “official” end of the summer season by introducing significant discounts on a wide range of products at major retailers across the country. Most families may consider shopping for new appliances, but holidays at other times of the year bring better discounts for these products. But with car prices sky-high, this is the perfect opportunity for families to shop around for annually discounted prices on new or used vehicles.

It’s no secret that vehicle prices have soared to new heights over the last year. According to data from Kelly Blue Book, the average price for a new vehicle in the U.S. in May was $47,148. This is the second-highest on record, behind only last December, when average transaction prices were just slightly higher. When considering such a hefty purchase, consumers would be wise to remember that an auto service contract can save them thousands of dollars down the road.

There’s a reason car dealers offer their best deals around Labor Day, even amid inflation and high base prices: This is when major auto manufacturers unveil their new models for the upcoming year. Dealerships try to clear their lots of previous models in August and September to make room for newer models, so they are motivated to lower the cost of pricey vehicles as much as possible.

Shopping for new or used vehicles during this time is a good opportunity to save, and to purchase an auto service contract to protect your new prized possession. You never know when mechanical or electrical failure may occur, so it’s essential to be prepared for the unknown ahead of time. An auto service contract can provide comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage, access to professional auto technicians, protection against pricey repairs, discounted maintenance costs, replacement vehicles during repair downtime, 24-hour technical assistance, roadside assistance, and more.

When Labor Day moves into the rear-view mirror, we hope families are able to hop into their new vehicles to savor the last days of summer, secure in the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their investment is protected with an auto service contract.

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