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Service Contracts Make Holiday Deals That Much Better

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, with stores across the country showcasing newer smart and home appliances for discounted prices. A recent survey found that 8 in 10 (80%) Americans already own at least one smart appliance, and 3 in 4 (75%) plan to purchase at least one smart appliance in the next two years. With so much demand, the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) urges you to protect your new appliances with a service contract and save yourself the hassle of pricey repairs down the road.

In a perfect world, if you purchase a new appliance, you’d expect to have nearly zero problems using and maintaining it over time. Alas, our world is full of technical and non-user-related issues, emphasizing the importance of protecting those pricey items this holiday season. Whether your dog has been chewing on your new headphones, your new e-reader malfunctions, or your toddler tests whether your new smartphone can float in a toilet …a service contract will have your back.

Data shows that 2 in 3 Americans (66%) say they experience a malfunctioning or broken appliance in their household once a year or more, with about 1 in 6 (15%) saying an appliance breaks what feels like monthly or more. By purchasing a service contract, you can access discounted repairs, product replacement, pre-qualified technicians, in-home repair service, 24-hour technical assistance, comprehensive coverage, and free shipping.*

So this Thanksgiving, after filling your stomach with yummy food and your heart with gratefulness, enjoy focusing your attention on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Whether you’re buying the kids a new iPad, treating yourself to a brand new smartphone, or buying your parents the home appliance they’ve always wanted, take the extra step to buy a service contract and provide yourself peace of mind. It’s always better to have coverage and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

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*Actual coverage may vary. SCIC is not a service contract provider and cannot warrant or otherwise guarantee coverage. Be sure to reference your service contract for the terms and conditions of coverage.


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