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Thousands of consumer electronic products and appliances are sold daily in the U.S. and along with them, many consumers choose service contracts to protect the purchase after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Many consumers purchase service contracts for the peace of mind they offer and the availability of immediate assistance if their product malfunctions. Some service contracts even cover damages suffered as a result of a malfunction, as in the case of a power surge that destroys data or an outage that spoils the contents of a refrigerator.


  • Most service contracts for consumer electronics and appliances are sold by retailers at the point of sale.
  • Service contracts for consumer goods also can be purchased shortly after the product purchase directly from companies that specialize in selling and servicing consumer service contracts.
  • The vast majority of service contracts are sold and/or administered by reputable, licensed companies that abide by current regulations, adhere to high principles of customer service, and are protected by financial reserves and/or insurance.
  • A list of consumer goods service contract providers who are members of the Service Contract Industry Council is available here.


  • Discounted product repair.
  • Product replacement.
  • Access to pre-qualified technicians.
  • In-home repair service.
  • 24-hour technical assistance.
  • Routine maintenance, such as cleanings and tune-ups.
  • Major component coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage.
  • Accidental damage from handling.
  • Free shipping.
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