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Smart Appliances Are On The Rise; Here’s How to Protect Them

Over the course of the last several cycles of annual holiday sales and special blowout clearances, it’s clear that more and more people are purchasing smart appliances for their homes. A recent survey found that 8 in 10 (80%) Americans already own at least one smart appliance, and demand for these products is only growing as technological advancements continue to bring innovation. The same survey showed that 3 in 4 Americans (75%) plan to purchase a smart appliance in the next two years.

Among the most popular smart appliances already in homes are televisions (46%), thermostats (29%), doorbells (28%), lighting systems (23%), speakers or “Alexa” systems (22%), home security systems (21%), air conditioners (17%), and washers and dryers (16%). These appliances are certainly advanced – but they’re not without risk. For all their sophistication, accidents and other malfunctions are common among household smart appliances. In fact, 2 in 3 Americans (66%) say they experience a malfunctioning or broken appliance in their household at least once a year, and 15% say an appliance breaks what feels like monthly or more.

Smart appliances typically cost more than their “old-fashioned” counterparts, so it’s essential to feel that your investment is protected should it endure accidental damage or malfunction. Americans overwhelmingly recognize that smart appliances are more costly to repair than traditional appliances – only 10% believe smart appliances cost less to repair, far less than the 76% who understand that fancy electronics typically require fancy repairs. That’s why it is crucial to prepare for these instances by protecting your new appliance with a service contract.

Service contracts for home appliances can protect you from significant expenses by offering discounts on product repairs or replacements, pre-qualified technicians, routine maintenance, free shipping, and more. Among those who have ever had a service contract on a home appliance, more than two-thirds (68%) have had to file a claim for some type of service or repair. Additionally, among those who have ever filed a claim on a service contract, nearly 9 in 10 (88%) say the experience was satisfactory.

So as you unbox your new smart appliances and enjoy the various benefits they bring, be sure you rest easy by purchasing a service contract. When technology fails, service contracts will have your back.

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*Actual coverage may vary. SCIC is not a service contract provider and cannot warrant or otherwise guarantee coverage. Be sure to reference your service contract for the terms and conditions of coverage.

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