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Shoppers Turn to Extended Warranties to Protect Vulnerable Summer Lawn Equipment

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The summer mowing season is in full swing, and consumers are faced with the unpleasant fact that popular lawn mower models are among the most repair-prone consumer products. That’s why shoppers are turning to extended warranties to protect themselves – and their investment – for when the inevitable happens.

According to Consumer Reports, zero-turn-radius riding mowers are among the products most in need of repair (along with laptops and side-by-side refrigerators). For lawn care companies and individual homeowners alike, an extended warranty represents peace of mind that if a problem does occur, it can be resolved easily and affordably.

“Summer should be a fun time for families, not a time to worry about how much it might cost to repair lawn equipment,” said Tim Meenan, executive director of the Service Contract Industry Council. “We all want our lawn mower to start right up every time – but when that doesn’t happen, it’s good to know the repairs won’t break the budget.”

Zero-turn-radius riding lawn mowers have become increasingly popular in recent years, but Consumer Reports notes that their intricate mechanics can make repairs much more costly. An extended warranty provides coverage protection beyond what comes with the manufacturer’s warranty and is a sound option for expensive riding lawn mowers.

“Protecting yourself financially is always a good idea,” Meenan said. “It just makes sense to have an extended warranty for one of the most likely consumer products to break down.”


The Service Contract Industry Council is a national trade association whose member companies collectively offer approximately 80 percent of the service contracts sold in the U.S. for home, auto and consumer goods. The SCIC educates consumers about service contracts, encourages its members to pursue high standards of customer satisfaction, and has developed and promoted model legislation to regulate the industry with standards designed to protect the consumer and the industry.

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