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Don’t Lose Your Cool – Keep Your AC Covered

For many people, summer is a time to rest, relax and enjoy the warm weather. When the temperatures start to rise higher and higher, your home’s air conditioning unit has to work harder and harder, potentially pushing itself past its limits and shutting down. The last thing anyone wants on a hot day is to be sweltering without the cash to cover the repairs. Extreme heat can put a damper on your summer plans – and your health.

With a home service contract, homeowners don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on costly repairs. Even without pushing home appliances to their limit, everything has normal wear and tear with usage that can contribute to breakdowns. It’s not a question of if a repair will be needed, but when. For every homeowner, having the peace of mind that they’re prepared for the worst is invaluable.

Home service contracts help cover the cost of repairing or replacing a home appliance or system. Some contracts will even complete the search for a trusted repair technician for you, keeping your precious personal time protected.

A home service contract is often sold or provided by the home seller at the time of a home purchase. Sometimes it can even transfer from the home seller to the buyer with little to no additional cost. Making sure to include a home service contract when purchasing a new home protects new homeowners from unexpected expenses.  That being said, a home service contract can be added to protect your assets at any time, even on older homes with aged appliances.

Home service contracts don’t only cover air conditioners – items like ovens, hot water heaters, refrigerators, furnaces, drain pipes and more may also be covered. Consumers can generally elect which home systems and appliances they want covered to accurately tailor the protection to their needs. The cost of maintaining a home can add up, but home service contracts can help ensure those costs don’t get out of hand.

To see where you can get a service contract in your area, see our helpful list of providers. If your home doesn’t have a “whole home” air conditioning unit installed, free-standing window units that you would purchase at major retailers often have the option to add a service contract as well. Whether a full home or window unit, the air conditioner is covered for breakdown, giving you the peace of mind that timely repairs can be made to keep you cool in the summer heat.

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