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Protect Your Student’s Essential Electronics This School Year

It’s back-to-school season, and shopping is in full swing. Stores are loaded with supplies and parents, students, and teachers across the country are preparing for the rapidly approaching school year. Along with the necessities – new clothes, pencils and pens, notebooks, binders, backpacks, and paper – you’ll probably need some new electronic gadgets for your student.

When remote and hybrid learning became the norm during the pandemic, students and teachers were forced to heavily rely on electronics. Now that most students have returned to in-person learning, classrooms have adapted to the innovative technology, utilizing it in day-to-day lessons. A 2020 study by the National Center for Education Statistics found, “A little over 70 percent of schools said that their teachers used technology for activities normally done in the classroom to a moderate (47 percent) or large extent (24 percent).” 

The upside of the latest technology is that it adds so much to the learning process. But there’s a harsh downside: Technology breaks or can get lost. That is why when you purchase the latest technology products for your student, it’s essential to also get a service contract to protect against future damage or malfunction.

Here are four items your student may need in 2022 – and how you can protect them:

  1. Tablet. Tablets are now a commonplace educational tool in American classrooms. Unfortunately, kids aren’t always careful with the things they’re holding. Purchasing a tablet for your child comes with the risk of accidents – but with a service contract, there’s no need to worry about having to pay out of pocket for repairs. Service contracts will often cover damages such as cracked screens. 
  2. Laptop. From taking notes to writing essays, laptops are a necessary tool in many classrooms, helping students perform at a higher capacity. While tablets are popular for their compact design, laptops are still indispensable for nurturing educational growth. A service contract for a laptop will cover cracked screens, broken keyboards, and malfunctions. With the heavy use of laptops, accidental damage and malfunctions are bound to happen. Consider a service contract for your student’s laptop (and your personal laptop, too!).
  3. Backup drive. Have you ever spent hours writing a paper, and saved it to your laptop only to watch helplessly as the computer dies, deleting your work forever? This is why backing up school work on an external hard drive is so important. Every student should have a backup drive to put all their work on in case of computer failure. These drives come in different storage sizes and can be the safety net you didn’t know you needed. 
  4. Digital textbook. Lugging around heavy books all day gets tiring and painful for students on large campuses. E-readers and digital textbooks provide an easy solution by condensing all of your textbooks into a single lightweight device. These devices allow students to bookmark things easily, take digital notes, and access all their textbooks with one click of a button. Getting your student an e-reader will let them read everything necessary without all that extra weight to drag around. Best of all, you can protect the investment by getting a service protection plan for the e-book reader, too.

On the first day of school, your child can slip on their new shoes, fill their new backpack with essential gadgets, and head off to school with the confidence that they won’t miss a beat! Trusting your child to handle expensive items with care all day can be stressful, but don’t worry – if accidents happen, a service contract will be there to protect you.


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