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Last Chance: Upgrade Your Appliances with Memorial Day Deals and Service Contracts – Before Prices Increase

This Memorial Day, it’s imperative to make any home appliance purchases with the added protection of a service contract. Historically, there’s no better time to buy new home appliances than during the upcoming doorbuster promotional holiday. But as prices rise from inflation and supply chain disruptions, this may be your last chance to buy before the price gets too high. 

Whether you’re looking for an upgraded refrigerator, stovetop, or washer and dryer, Memorial Day sales often bring about record low prices for consumers who are on the search for the best bang for their buck. To ensure that your best deal stays in tip-top shape, a service contract will protect your newest purchase so that backorders won’t affect future repairs and replacements.

Service contracts for home appliances will protect you from major expenses by offering discounts on product repairs or replacements, pre-qualified technicians, routine maintenance, free shipping, and more. 

You never know when appliances, new or old, may have a malfunction or completely break down – that’s where service contracts come in. Owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that everyday breakdowns due to defects or normal wear and tear are protected, especially when the prices of home goods continue to steadily rise.

Because of the increased cost of materials, including aluminum, steel, and copper, as well as the increased cost of freight and shipping, home appliances prices are also on the upswing.

With the increase in appliance prices only expected to get higher in the coming weeks and months, Memorial Day sales bring the best opportunity to assess your current appliances and look into replacements. Now is the time to make upgrades – and just as importantly, to further protect your existing appliances – with a service contract.


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