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Should I buy a service contract for my gym equipment?

If there are two things we can be sure of regarding technology, they are that it is ever-evolving and has a large impact on almost every aspect of our lives. Lately, this has moved into the area of fitness equipment, with the demand for products like Fitbits and Apple Watches expanding into home workout equipment ranging from stationary bikes to weights.

No doubt there’s much to be said about these popular products – but with any big-ticket product or technological purchase comes the risk of a malfunction. The solution? The simple purchase of a service contract.

The start of a new year so often sees resolutions to prioritize health and wellness. This is accompanied by the purchase of fitness equipment, gym memberships, and any and all manner of health-related products. 

In recent years, wearable technology has become increasingly affordable, making products that were once viewed as luxury items now seen as convenient necessities. 

Fitness equipment has long been popular for exercise and health purposes, and the shrinking price of high-tech equipment has made it more in-demand than ever. Whether you’re purchasing a piece of equipment for personal use or communal use, having a service contract for your fitness equipment has never been more important. Think of a service contract as protection against any repairs, replacements, or other misfortunes that can cost you money and complicate your life. Any time you buy fitness equipment or other health-related technology, you should think of these purchases as investments, and protect them accordingly.

You can purchase a service contract from the retailer or from an independent company that specializes in these protection plans. 

The new year is a great time to prioritize your health and fitness with the purchase of these products. Purchasing a service contract protects you not only from the financial burden of repair or replacement, but also from having to put your fitness journey on pause. 

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