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Considering a New TV for the Big Game? Also Consider a Service Contract

As football fans gear up for the big game, many retailers will offer great promotions on TVs. 

Consumers interested in purchasing a new TV should also consider buying a service contract for peace of mind in the event their TV breaks or needs a costly repair. A service contract, also referred to as an extended warranty, is a cost-effective way to protect a new TV beyond the terms provided by the manufacturer or seller’s warranty. 

Service contracts offer flexible benefits that may include discounted product repair and replacement, in-home repair service, 24-hour technical assistance, and major component coverage. Contracts can also cover broken buttons, power supply failures, power surges, pixel burnout, and plug and speaker issues.

Most retailers sell service contracts for electronics at the point of sale. For more information about service contracts and a full list of SCIC providers, visit

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