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What is a Service Contract, and why do I need one?

Purchasing and maintaining a vehicle is a huge investment. These days, people are keeping their cars longer, which can mean more service issues. 

Typical auto insurance policies only cover issues related to a collision, personal injury, or liability claims. But you can have added protection–and peace of mind–by purchasing an auto service contract.  

An auto service contract, sometimes called an extended car warranty, covers various mechanical or other small repairs that aren’t usually included in auto insurance policies. This can cover repairs to your transmission, engine, air conditioning, suspension, brake systems, or other high tech components of your vehicle. 

By purchasing an auto service contract for your new or used car, you will have access to a wide array of services that will make dealing with car repairs easier and more affordable. With your service contract, you will be connected to a network of professional and pre-qualified auto technicians who are ready to service your vehicle when needed. Some auto service contracts even provide access to a replacement vehicle when yours is in the shop.

Auto service contracts provide added comfort, knowing that your vehicle will be protected no matter what comes your way long after your warranty expires. Consumers can purchase a service contract from a car dealer or an independent service contract provider after buying a car. A list of SCIC service contract providers is available here.

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